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Monday, February 14, 2011

No saving face now!

So, as a regular valentine's tradition that my sis and I made up randomly a couple years ago, we each make a homemade gift for each person in the family. Sounds corny and cliche, right? Well, anyway, I decided to make my mom a soap. Sounds innocent enough. Well, I go to Walgreens to get some glycerin, because online it said that was one of the main ingredients. I have no idea what it is or looks like, so I start asking around. "Excuse me? Do you happen to sell glycerin anywhere?" I asked. Little did I know that I had just used the completely wrong tone of voice for what they thought I was asking for. I asked 4 employees, who all gave me funny looks. I thought the looks were just because it was kind of an uncommon thing to ask for. Nope. Wrong again.

So, I'm walking through the store to aisle 7. I look up at the aisle 7 sign, and it reads: LAXATIVES. I think "What the heck? That definitely ain't what I'm looking for. Might as well look anyway." I skip over the laxatives section and look further down the aisle. Zilch. Then my friend's mom caws out a huge cackling laugh, and says "Come here! I found your GLYCERIN! HAHA!". Of course, she's standing right smack in the middle of the laxatives section. Sure enough, there it is, on the bottom shelf: GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES. Mind you, at the time I had no idea what a suppository was. I only understood half of why she was laughing so hard. I just smack myself in the forehead, smile, and look down. Just my luck.

So then we're in the car. I open the little bottle of glycerin suppositories. Well, I guess I learned a lot that day, because I immediately knew what a suppository was by the shape of them. A random cry of disgust, belonging to me, comes from the left bucket seat. And, ya get the point.

And all I wanted to do was make soap!

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