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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Hapless Search for an iPad

Man! Are these in demand or what?! Several months after the new iPad 2 has come out, we have yet to find anywhere in this state or on the web that isn't out of stock. Time and time again we have checked, and we have no luck. Hell, we might as well just get the iPad 3. Shouldn't be too long. Actually, we did get some kind of reservation in at Best Buy, but that doesn't provide anything close to a definitive answer as to when we might get our hands on one. It all depends on when they get some in stock. You know, the iPad was going to be my mom's birthday gift. Hah! Damn, were we in for a rude awakening! I mean, of course we expected to have a lot of difficulty in obtaining one, but don't you think it's gone pretty crazy when you see a sign outside the Apple store that says "ALL IPADS ARE EXPECTED TO BE OUT OF STOCK BY 9 AM EACH MORNING - WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE." So, all the while, we're still waiting...

Last minute Mother's Day gift: Mission sucessful (enough)

After waiting for so long to go out and get a mother's day gift, I finally did it! Whew, it was a close call.

So, she has really been looking for an heirloom rose since almost a year ago. I finally resolved to get one for her, selecting Mother's Day as my day to present it to her. Only, I didn't get an heirloom rose. I can't believe that after all that time I spent thinking about when and where I was going to get her this, and, bing-ba-da-boom, I'm coming home with bougainvillea.

So I went to Home Depot just a little while ago and asked a clerk if they sold any. Just my luck, the answer was no. There wasn't any time to go shopping somewhere else in search of one, so I was stuck with shopping for some other plant out of the enormous, overwhelming assortment of perennials, annuals, indoor plants and the like.

Mind you, I had no clue what an heirloom rose looked like, so I was pretty much at a loss. I, being a perfectionist about certain things (ie. special occasions), wasn't at all pleased by the idea of getting something I had not planned on getting. We all have our foibles, right? Nevertheless, I had five minutes to find something I didn't know I would have to look for. I suddenly remembered that my phone had internet access, and hastily used that to look up "heirloom rose" on Google images (in spite of the fact that it costs us about a buck per megabyte of data processed - happy Mother's Day, mom! Oh, here's a little gift from Verizon...). So, I looked it up, and you know what? They looked absolutely no different than regular roses! And so I thought to myself, "well, if that's all it is, I'm opting for something more original."

And so I did - with lil' sis tagging along behind me, pulling her own weight (and one third, if you count the sizable bougainvillea trellis she was carrying), we each brought a trellis of bougainvillea out to the car. We actually did see my mother, but she was oblivious, just getting herself a diet coke.

So I was pretty sure this was going to be a success story until, whataya know, my sister starts telling this story about how we walked up to the cashier "with some flowers". That part blew it, but I can guarantee you that I probably would have done the same if I had been the one telling the story. (Not so) great minds think alike, eh?

So now they're sitting out in the garage, awaiting the arrival of our lady-of-the-day (which is to come tomorrow [duh]). That's all for now!


Summer Plans

Well, well, well - hasn't this been an interesting week.

Well, not really, I just felt like saying that. Makes my life seem nice and spicy, dont' it? Actually, that might just be the problem - my life is so incredibly bland that I rarely know what to do with myself when I'm not doing schoolwork. I really want to join crew over thre summer (I have a newfound passion for rowing, which makes me feel batter). After all my posts relating to my lake, I guess you could assume that this would be my first and only extracurricular activity that I have joined in over a year. A little something extra to break the plateauing pattern of my life.

Despite my boredom, I AM real excited about my upcoming trip to Mackinall Island, Michigan with my best friend!!!!!!!!! I was thanking her dad over and over and over again when he stopped by my house suddenly when she was over and invited me to come with them to Michigan. I'll be missing exams and leaving on the 28th, but not to worry, I can easily make those up. My only concern is missing the last days of school, just because, well, ypu know... it's the last day of school. I always loved that atmosphere of "Oh, I'm gonna miss you!", and plenty of hugs and snapping pictures and signing yearbooks. Oh, well - it'll be worth it. Plus, I'll be able to escape the disgusting heat of Florida, and be surrounded by a type of beauty I wouldn't normally be able to see. In addition to that, it's a crime free area and there are no motorcycles/cars allowed on the island.

Lots of talk about summer plans. Soon after I come back from Michigan, I'll be headed off to Virginia to see my grandparents for about a month. Up there, I'll do a sailing camp and possibly do a weeklong camp at a horse farm (perfect horse country where thay are). After that month up there, I'll go visit my other grandma up in Pennsylvania. Probably go to South Carolina as well to visit our old friends, as we usually do. As for being home, I'll just go shopping, see movies, read (STILL trying to finish Undaunted Courage! Impossible to get through!), go swimming, go to the beach, and skype people who are far away (or close, don't matter).

I'll definitely be keeping up with this better over the summer for a few reasons: more free time and more interesting things to write about, and hopefully many gorgeous pictures of everywhere I go!

That's all for now!