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Saturday, February 12, 2011

That's me Girl!

I would like to take this moment to have a little tribute to my sister.
No no, don't worry, she's not dead or anything like that. I just want to let everyone know how good she is to me, and how she has stayed so vigilantly by my side through each and every time I hurt, ignored, discouraged, blew off, belittled, and acted like I was better than her. She is such a resilient kid, really. Throughout all the times she had to put up with me either screaming at her for no good reason, me screaming with my parents relentlessly, or me just having a breakdown about food or my weight or whatever, she continues to be her annoying, cute little doofus self, without living in fear, to this day. What bravery. So all the firefighters get awarded for this kind of stuff, but innocent children caught in the midst of a family problem that they otherwise had nothing to do with, yet it begins to control their life whether they asked for it or not - zilch. You would think by now, based on all the things my parents and I nave discussed in front of her, that she, looking up to me oh-so-very-much, would have taken after me and probably ruined he own life from a bad influence like me. But, lo and behold, she stands strong as the happy, confident, I'm-my-own-best-cheerleader girl she has always been. Yeah, she's a procrastinator. Yeah, she talks through all the good parts of movies. And can she get through one dinner at home without getting up to pet the dog, fool around at the kitchen counter, or other stalling activities? Probably not, that would be a first. But all those things amount to a mere lap around the duck pond compared to the majority of the world's population. So, to hell with her faults. Everyone's got 'em, no doubt. The amazing thing is, she is able to rise above others' faults, and there is always a free trial left for them in her heart, if they care for another chance. She'll be waiting, patiently as ever, with her wide open heart. I'm almost positive that when the doctor puts the stethoscope up to her chest to hear her heartbeat, he hears giggling and laughter in there, and smiles to himself. So, after all these years, I thank "Pickles" (identity protection) for staying loyally by my side. In a short time it will have been a decade already. I promise to do the same for you always in the end, when all is said and done. Under one condition: stay out of my closet. XD


  1. What a perfect tribute! I think the world would be a better place if everyone had a sister like her. You write really well, entertaining, descriptive and meaningful.

    Totally get the last part - I grew up with a younger sister that was not allowed NEAR my closet!

  2. Haha I know!It happened anyway though when I was gone last summer. I was wondering where all my clothes had gone. ;)

  3. i have a little sister too.... and she's amazing lol


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