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Friday, January 21, 2011

A life of tree-hugging

I am at a loss for other topics I feel passionately about, so for today I have decided to delve this post into the deep, complicated, controversial (and also quite polluted) waters of global warming and our planet. Oh, there it goes - i just heard someone smack there forehead and groan. But I want to be our home's advocate here, and i am going to make my points.

First of all - when it all comes down to it, do we really have a choice? Really think about this - no matter how far advanced in technology the human race becomes, eventually, no matter how long the world decides to procrastinate, we will be, for lack of better word, screwed. I don't want to sound all hippie-like, or be one of those people who's paranoid about everything from the sky falling to someone trying to possess their mind. Or the voodoo beliefs. Anyway, we can stay in space or some other godforsaken universal frontier for decades, possibly even centuries, if we get that far along in technology before our damage to the Earth catches up on us. And then, when all is said and done, we will have run out. Of countless things, don't ask me what. Well, anyway, the real point of this paragraph, before I got carried away in my own tangent, was supposed to be that Earth is, plain and simple, home.

Now, hypothetical situation: Suppose we had everything available for eternity to keep our species alive, and we just evolved to compensate, and everyone and everything was perfectly fine. Except one thing: no Earth. Does the idea of that not just make you frickin' sad?  Nothing natural. No more wonders of God's creation - only man made. No fresh air, no oceans, rivers or lakes, no trees, no animals (even if they are a big fat pain in the ass), no seasons, no snow, no sunshine filtering through the big shady vegetation, no wildflowers, no deer in the headlights, no blue jay bird's nest in your backyard for your kids to ogle over, no gardening, no spectacular thunderstorms when your little daughter snuggles into your bed away from the thunder.......... Sigh. I could go on and on and on.

So, exactly how bad do the circumstances have to get before we finally get it through our heads that we have to make a change? I'm not going to waste time with a list of stuff you can do to go green - you can find that anywhere. The purpose of today's post was to give my take on the subject, and I am hoping that this isn't something you have heard countless times before.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Question

I have a quick question to ask, because it has been burning in the back of my mind for a couple of months now: Why are nail salons always worked by Asians? Mind you, I am not trying to be racist in any way. Racism is crap. But I was getting curious, and Google is not doing its job for me. And this doesn't seem to be a, um, stereotypical stereotype. Most are just pretty true, but not always. This is recurring, and I have never come across an exception. Can someone help me with my stupid question? Wait, I forgot, there is this quote that I live by:
"There are no stupid questions, only stupid people."
Anyway, this may or may not be all I post for today. Stay tuned!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Original Intention

Last night I was thinking about the distance my blog has gone so far, and I realized something. I have put but one post up that pertains to my original purpose of creating this blog. That one post is my story of struggle with anorexia, but there is so much more I want to tell the world (or at least bloggers) about. Here goes:

Pro-anorexic websites. No one can stop them from creating them. No one can stop the users from getting involved. And I have also been wondering - can you really be chastised by the law for creating one? I mean, it's not like you are posting child pornography, or encouraging terrorism and homicide. But even still, it is one of the sickest things I have ever seen created. A web page choc full of lies, secrets, depression, starvation (duh), isolation, masking, hiding, harsh self critiquing, obsession, possession, wasting away, lives of people being blown away in the forceful, stormy winds of eating disorders. This god awful encouragement of self destruction. Think I'm exaggerating? Go look it up yourself and see how you feel.

The strange thing is I never went on a pro-ana site during my days of peak frustration. It was when I came out of inpatient that I had a spark of curiosity, and I looked them up. These girls are telling each other how to keep their intentions a secret, so they can continue a slow and painful road to the end of themselves. Over the internet, complete strangers, 'innocently' prodding each other backward in life. Now, I am not at all saying that people who struggle with this problem are bad. Ridiculous. What I am saying is that the horrifying ones are those who advocate others in harming themselves. And, occasionally, some bull shit will come up that says. "oh, well I didn't know it was wrong to encourage it!". WTF?! If you didn't know it was wrong, you would never have felt the need to hide your actions (or at least your identity)! As for the victims, I pity them. A lot. I mean, looking back, I remember what a hellhole my life was when I was deep in the disease. Yet at the same time, I can't help but be pretty jealous of them for one sole reason: their thinness. I haven't gotten past that point yet. But I'm still working.

Anyway, I just wanted to once again mention how sick minded and screwed up this is. I cannot believe what I saw written on some of those sites. Another thing: there is this other blogging/facebook like thing called It's a great site, the people are of a polite ilk (mostly), and ethics are encouraged. But.... mind you, there are the biggest CREEPS on that website ever! Freaks, MFs, and just plain sad things. You can create groups, and give it a name such as "I have a broken heart" or "I like classical music" and other people join your group. Weeelllll, my account automatically placed me in a group called "I have an eating disorder". That wasn't the creepy part. Along with automatically placing me in that group, it popped up with all these suggestions fro related groups. Examples: "I want to weigh as much as I did when I was 5", "My mom doesn't know that I have not been eating for a week and counting tee hee", "I'm fat", on and on with these sick, horrible groups. What. The. Hell. And what still picks at my brain is the fact that there is virtually nothing anyone can do. Sure, they can shut down one site, but that doesn't mean they can't pop it right back up! Please talk about this with someone who is knowledgeable on the subject, because it is a topic not known well enough. Little known, but very, very serious. If you even make it to this point in the post, I'm proud of you because you made it through my rant ;). Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Middle

OK, so I was reading a post on a blog I am following. Apparently this guy read another person's blog that had a list of why women are far superior to men. Now I like to say that as a joke, but to truly believe it is screwed up and petty. One of the bullets said that "women can leave past experiences in the past and let them go and control their emotions, while men can't. I guess the woman who wrote that never got her period, dated a guy, had a trauma, or really existed as a woman. I'm not saying it's a faulty weakness that we can't control our emotions as well - it's just girly nature. Just like guys are very physical and girls are very verbal. It's not going to change. And the weirdest thing is I'm still not even sure if I agree with it or not! my parents recently had a huge fight about so many things of the worst period of our lives, in the past. there was a lot of talk about "getting the truth on the table" and what exactly that truth really was. both were accusing each other of not being able to leave the past in the past. Well, I guess they were both right, because none of them could stay out of the past now that my fathers controversial opinion had been spilled. I don't blame my mom for not letting it go - it was a complete overstatement what my dad said. I wouldn't have been able to keep it at that either. To hell with gender, sometimes if you believe with a passion what is right and what is wrong from a certain situation, you have to express it loud and clear. and, well, when you have parents who want to do exactly that,.... you're screwed for a while. And it kills me inside to take sides with my parents, and the guilt i feel for kind of trashing my dad on the web weighs me down like a ton of bricks. I agree with my mom strongly, but my dad really does have good intentions - he just sees things from a completely different perspective. He was raised in a quiet, proper, slightly bigots, conservative, republican, fairly uptight family. Mom? polar opposite. loud family, laid back, 2 crazy crude humored uncles, independent political party, and dogs. oh, and little obnoxious cousins. Yet they are still, for the majority of the time, content with each other. Oh so there's some deets above that I forgot to mention (once again feeling like a disrespectful brat for trashing my dad, who is a really good guy, and he is actually sitting behind me right now 8/): he just can't get it through his head - the mother daughter relationship is one of the most complicated and conflicting of all parent-kid relationships. We can be screaming at each other real loud, really just fro the purpose of trying to get one another to shut up and "listen to what I have to say". Then 10 minutes later we are relatively fine again. He describes it as "bull shit, spewing verbal abuse and 'venom' (that was his analogy) at each other". He really does care about me, and I think that's why he feels so strongly about it. Except I have told him, God honest, that this is NOT something that is scarring either of us, or the rest of the family, for any period of time over 20 minutes. I am totally fine (well as fine as I can be with my now year and a half long eating disorder sitch). I told him "whether it is right or wrong, fights between adolescent girls and their mom just happen, A LOT". Lord. I sounded like someone from a "Bonding with your child" self-help book. Even so, it didn't seem to have much effect. Well... My bitching energy for the day has officially run out lol:). be back soon;)