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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fresh Tunes

I have some songs that I would like to share with the world (or at least my followers). Here are the links.  about this link: I am not a fan of sheryl crow, but I happen to really like this one by her. This is Detours. About this link: Taylor swift fans: ahem, teenagelife:) and and **im a secret**, will like this. Except it's a male singer. I was getting a little sick of her, so I took this as a nice change. This is Into Your Arms by The Maine. About this link: This is a more electronic song. It is Hide and Seek by Love is a Story. I found it strange and intriguing. About this link: This is really funny. You don't even have to listen closely to know. This is Santa Stole My Girlfriend by The Maine.

That's all for now I gotta go!

Yeah, dude!

You have GOT to watch this! Not only is this kid adorable but.... dayum! He's good! And he seems to really be enjoying himself too. Watch and you'll see him smile, but then he gets back down to business, and you can see him think, OK, I'm goin' back to cool mode now. Drummers don't smile.

Enjoy! ;)

Never Lasts

Sigh. I get my hopes up over the littlest things. I need a serious reality check. But today I just couldn't help but notice and dwell on the fact that he seemed to have taken more interest in me. By Monday it will go back to the way it was. No more so-called "special treatment". That's exaggeration, big time. But I'm sure that most everyone knows what it's like to feel careless and dreamy after you've been given attention from the person you like. Call me immature, yes, I am still young. Obvi.

Now this is going to sound extremely stupid, but I have a bunch of little "signs" that keep me hoping. First of all his name is in my last name. Second, and this happened just tonight, I was watching the movie version of "The Pillars of the Earth", and apparently the true lover of the lead female has the same name as my crush! Teehee! Ugh. I'm so weird.

I might post something else today. Maybe not. But I like to keep topics separated into different posts. Bye for now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wasting My Time

I'm frustrated at myself
For not marching to my own tune.
I should have listened to my conscience.
I should have known I'd get there soon.

Who did I think I was kidding?
When I said I'd make it to the top.
I should've known the ladder was upside-down
'Cause my climbing came to a stop.

What exactly did I want to get out of this
After all was said and done?
Would this help me now or later
Today or in the long run?

Deep down I had all I needed.
What I wanted was so much more.
Now I know I'll look back and say
"What the hell did I do that for?'

A common saying: "I feel young again!"
Always used in a chipper tone.
I think that's misuse of the term.
Because "young" can feel so alone.

I really shouldn't be so dramatic.
I have friends, family, and a home.
Good money, food, and water,
And plenty of space to roam.

Now I know it's so much easier
In my situation, you see,
To just stop trying not to try
And to let it go completely.

I remember several months ago,
When I thought he had caught the bait,
Winter break came and went -
Forget it. I had to wait.

Well, I guess I've learned my lesson
about giving myself advice.
Next time I'll take it from others
And even still, I'll think twice.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Longest Word in the English Language

Hey, I'm back again. About 10 minutes later. It's a Sunday evening and I'm bored, cut me some slack. Here's some random trivia for you; in case you haven't already heard of it, here is the longest word in the English language (uh, hence the title, duurrrr):
Apparently it's some lung disease that comes from inhaling fine particles of silica dust, causing inflammation. Mmmm. Appetizing.
Notice the smaller words you can find in this 45 letter long word. To name a few: microscopic, silica, and...umm...volcano? ;:-/
Stay tuned,

Ya know what? Bees are alright!

I had another picture taking compulsion. I have been waiting for a chance to get a perfect shot of this budding, pollen-profuse maple tree for a week or so now. There just always seemed to be some stupid little obstacle - camera lost, battery dead, rainy day (or just plain cloudy), too busy, etc. You get the point. But (gasp) here they are! There is another really cool photo I would like to post right now, but I'm afraid one of the above excuses (dead battery) has prevented me from doing so. 'Till next time.


I found a snake in my yard today. I debated with myself whether to provoke it or not, and I thought, yyyeeaaaahhhhh, I should ;^). So here's me annoying this weird little snake on a Saturday morning. I'm not sure what kind it is. The dog found it (who else?). At one point I think it licked me.Yeah, don't ask.

All i did today was clean. Terribly exciting. But by making a story out of my day, I will try to reverse the sarcasm in that last sentence.

Procrastination. Crawling my way through less-than-desirable tasks like a snail. Quite a talent of mine. I hunched over and fondled the Swiffer duster, until my fingers lethargically coiled around it, and I 'hauled' it up the staircase. Entering my room, I see my dog curled up in a ball, strongly resembling the shape of a mini powdered doughnut. She gave me her stupid little doggie smirk that said "ah, what a wonderful day to be a dog. Poor sucker humans, haha." I barely brushed over the surface of my dresser, yet it still seemed to get a good amount of dust off. Wow, the commercials were right all along! I gazed at a picture of my best friend and I, several years ago, in South Carolina. I had just gone up to visit her and another close friend this month. I got myself thinking, "what happened? She seems so weird around me now. She never answers my calls or texts. I couldn't have done anything, because I was never clingy, annoying, or offensive. I am at a loss here." My eyes floated to another picture. "I remember when my brother's hair was that short," I recalled. "I wonder if he would compromise to cut it to that length from his current length past his butt, because I know he would never go any further than to his chin."

I began unpacking a bag I brought to school with speech props. One of the Krispy Kreme coffee mugs was broken at the handle. Sighing, I trudged downstairs to retrieve the crazy glue. It's really the only thing that works on most things. I ended up gluing my fingers together in the process - a predictable accident. Do you have any idea how much it hurts to have that happen? Kids, don't try this at home. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

I have decided to stop there because 1) I don't remember most of the rest of that day, and 2) even if I did, I'm not in the right mindset currently to be able to turn it into something that wouldn't have you snoozing shortly later. Plus I am really mad at Picasa Web Albums, Google Help, Blogspot, and all the blog doctor websites because they contain NOTHING helpful on how to get the video insert feature (the one available when you are editing your post) to work. Grr.