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Friday, January 21, 2011

A life of tree-hugging

I am at a loss for other topics I feel passionately about, so for today I have decided to delve this post into the deep, complicated, controversial (and also quite polluted) waters of global warming and our planet. Oh, there it goes - i just heard someone smack there forehead and groan. But I want to be our home's advocate here, and i am going to make my points.

First of all - when it all comes down to it, do we really have a choice? Really think about this - no matter how far advanced in technology the human race becomes, eventually, no matter how long the world decides to procrastinate, we will be, for lack of better word, screwed. I don't want to sound all hippie-like, or be one of those people who's paranoid about everything from the sky falling to someone trying to possess their mind. Or the voodoo beliefs. Anyway, we can stay in space or some other godforsaken universal frontier for decades, possibly even centuries, if we get that far along in technology before our damage to the Earth catches up on us. And then, when all is said and done, we will have run out. Of countless things, don't ask me what. Well, anyway, the real point of this paragraph, before I got carried away in my own tangent, was supposed to be that Earth is, plain and simple, home.

Now, hypothetical situation: Suppose we had everything available for eternity to keep our species alive, and we just evolved to compensate, and everyone and everything was perfectly fine. Except one thing: no Earth. Does the idea of that not just make you frickin' sad?  Nothing natural. No more wonders of God's creation - only man made. No fresh air, no oceans, rivers or lakes, no trees, no animals (even if they are a big fat pain in the ass), no seasons, no snow, no sunshine filtering through the big shady vegetation, no wildflowers, no deer in the headlights, no blue jay bird's nest in your backyard for your kids to ogle over, no gardening, no spectacular thunderstorms when your little daughter snuggles into your bed away from the thunder.......... Sigh. I could go on and on and on.

So, exactly how bad do the circumstances have to get before we finally get it through our heads that we have to make a change? I'm not going to waste time with a list of stuff you can do to go green - you can find that anywhere. The purpose of today's post was to give my take on the subject, and I am hoping that this isn't something you have heard countless times before.

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a great blog you've got here!
    And a big Amen on this post. I'll tree hug with you any day.

  2. It is THE question on many/most minds these days. I wish I had an answer.

  3. @rebecca ramsey - haha thanks how 'bout Saturday
    @Hilary - ditto. but, i do have some good news - I was at a museum in Connecticut over winter break, and thousands of small children, older kids, young adults, adults, middle-agers, and seniors filled up a huge wall with post-it notes telling what they would miss about the Earth when things got more serious. In my opinion, I think that was pretty cynical, but at least it brought attention to the subject.


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