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Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking for a REALLY good April Fools Joke...

Ugh! I am at a loss! I haven't got the slightest idea of a creative prank I could play on someone! And time is ticking - the day's more than half over! I've already replaced the sugar bowl with salt - that gave Dad a shock ;). One person already pranked me. She put pink silly string in her hand (so it looked like a wad of bubble gum) and she came up and shook my hand. I flipped out because I though it was real. I screamed and said "Eeewww! Who does that?! I need to go to the bathroom and sterilize my hands! Ugh!". Then, a bit late, she added that it was just silly string. Wow.

Back to my main point - I NEED TO DO SOMETHING REALLY ANNOYING TO SOMEONE! I mean, I guess I sort of do that every day, but honestly, I want to actually celebrate. Heck, I celebrate all those extra little holidays that random people make up and slap on calenders (ex: 'Talk like a pirate Day' - gotta love that one ;D).

So, lemme get my creative juices flowin' here... maybe if I buy giant floral briefs for my mom and replace all her other underwear with it. Or possibly, when my parents get home today, I could dump out a bottle of beer, put some water in it, and be chugging it down with a six-pack of Coors Light waiting on the floor for 'future boozing'.

I bet I'll come up with more ideas, but that's all I have time to put down for now. Later!

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