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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weekly rantings!

So, spring break ended and the grandparents left. Man, do I love them, but they can drive you nuts! I guess that why they call it 'extended family' - ya can't really have 'em around in your everyday life! XD

They always seem to curse our house and car in some way when they're here, or right after they leave (that was this morning). The AC broke a couple of times within a ten-day span, same with the AC in the car, and the sink wouldn't unclog. Last time they were up, they majorly clogged the toilet. I know we eat a lot when we're around family, but there must have been some major problem with their stomachs for them to ruin the plumbing that much. The toilet overflowed and dirty water came out of every faucet. Ugh. Oh, not to mention that a light bulb exploded when they were here last. Such sweet people, yet such a bad omen they must be carrying! Sigh! XD

By the way, I kept up with all spring break goals except one: reading halfway through Undaunted Courage. Hey, that book is frickin' huge! I'm workin' on it! ;)

Any ideas for polls? I was hoping for something that may draw up a stronger opinion from people, making the more likely to vote, rather than something interesting but kind of a waste of space. Let me know if you've got a good one on your mind.

Sleep, sleep, sleep... the one thing I need. Only 3 days back from break, even with a couple of days early to bed to get back on schedule while on break, and I'm pooped. Gettin' harder to keep my eyes open, not to mention the deep, dark bags under them. But I'm getting better at making time. If there's one thing I wanted more of, time would be my choice.

Next topic: immature kids. So, we had to watch "The Video" the other day. Ya know, sexual education. Awkward yes. Puke worth, no. I could hear every 7th period science class down the hall shrieking. I just cracked up at them. Yeah, the video's ridiculous, but these people are being total hypocrites. They make some of the most perverted jokes I've heard, then they gag and burst out in peals of laughter at the word penis. Seriously? Get a grip.

One more thing: church. I really feel like I should go more often, but I just never seem to go through with that! I really want a closer relationship with God, but since I'm too young to get myself from one place to another, this depends on the desires of my family as well. They feel the same as me, but probably with less motivation to change  up the Sunday schedule than I have. Time to start using the tazer to wake them up. And they can DVR CBS Sunday Morning News.

As you can see, my life is terribly riveting and probably enraptured you all to the point of being so on the edge of your seats that you fall. But I'm making up for a couple of weeks of not posting - as you can see, the posts are very erratic. That's all for now, minions.
PS: I don't know what hat last sentence was about. Just spur of the moment type of thing. ;)


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