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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

OK, this first paragraph might not seem like I have a point relating to this post's title (and it really doesn't) but it leads up to something, I swear, so bear with me readers: I've been quite fed up with myself and life in general lately, and it's getting pretty out of hand. I can't manage my time at all, therefor nearly every night I'm up doing important things 'till the wee hours of the morn', when in fact I should have been doing them much, much earlier instead of wasting time. I used to be so puzzled as to why everyone else had so much balance in their life except me. Even with the same amount of work as me and grades just as good, they had time for sports, friends, relaxing time, sleeping, eating, chores, and meeting work deadlines. Me? I was lagging behind somewhere between the speed of a snail and a sloth, with nothing but my own work, a little texting, and working out. Then suddenly, my conscience walked up to me with a stern face and smacked me in the forehead (much like they do in the V8 commercials!). She said:

"Get real with yourself. You're not stupid; you know you're not really using your time as efficiently as you should be. Actually, to put it better, you're just flat out procrastinating. Period. Just don't ant to do any work. More than that, in fact - you don't want to deal with anything in reality because it's, well, it takes effort. Now, if you'd mind making the effort to think back on your daily activities, I'm sure you'll find that your astounding lack of time management skills are all due to the decisions of you and you alone. What happened to that go-go-go spirit of yours? What happened to your desire to create a life of your own to the furthest possible extent? Why all of a sudden do you allow the wind to blow you anywhere it pleases? Stand your ground. Do what you know is right and wise. Choose that option that you know will help you in the long run. It's practically highlighted and underlined in red for you! I'd rather not ramble to you like this again, so for my sake, do as I say! God sent me down to stay with you for a reason - so that He and his moral teachings could be with you and present with you at all times, to 'lead you not in temptation, but deliver you from evil'. Capisce?"

I apologize, my conscience certainly knows how to lecture. To cut to the chase, while I was mulling over everything said in her ramble, something hit me (no, it was not her hand on my forehead this time); in all my stressing over how and when to make time for what, I had an epiphany: When was the last time I put time for Jesus Christ into my schedule?! Only the most important thing in my life, and I have yet to do my part to deepen my relationship with Him. And what better day to start than Easter? Today I begin a new journey. Please offer up any ideas you've got on how I can make this happen!

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  1. me? i ain't that religious. i'm not an athiest but i belive in angels all around us. and the way i connect with them is everynight before i goto bed is just talk to them. makes this a bit easier oin you and gets in touch with your spiritul side :)


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