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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On vacay

I am going to Pennsylvania tomorrow to go snow tubing. It's going to be freezing, brrr. I have been doing so-so at my grandparents house. It has been going as expected. Not great, but not bad either. I get kind of stressed around my sister because she is very active and a very light eater. But I kind of need to get over myself on that matter.

Ahhhh. I never want to go back to florida. The weather up here is beautiful and I'm starting to feel sentimental, because I was born and raised in the true south (Florida does NOT count). The softest snow fell on Sunday. My family had a snowball fight at a gas station. The straight-faced passerbys looked at us like maybe they should get wan attorney to sue us in case their car got dented. It felt so unfamiliar, touching snow, that I was completely unaware of the below-freezing temps. In Florida I always feel dirty because I'm constantly sweating, the air is terribly humid, and the bugs are everywhere. But here the air is so crisp and I feel like I could go days without showering (but I wouldn't, of course). Oh, and one more thing:I smelled fireplace for the first time in forever. That was nice. I was in bed when I smelled it, and I started to get worried that the house was burning. I am so not used to all this northerner stuff. Ha.

Anyways y'all hang in there and have a nice vacay!


  1. i love your blog! you're very inspirational, and im so glad that you're getting better-not gonna lie your story really effected me in that "verge of tears" kind of way.

  2. thanks u 2! i mean about being a nice blog not puttin me on the verge of tears lol.


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