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Friday, June 8, 2012

Not gonna be a potato this summer!

I got the idea from a friend to make a summer bucket list. I know it's not really the correct use of the term bucket list, but you get my point. Here are my 42 goals for the summer of 2012:

1. Learn to play a piano accompaniment with song of choice
2. Learn to do proper 'A La Secondes'
3. Climb a tree
4. Find an easier way to dust blinds (they're the dustier things in the house, and they take forever to wipe off)
5. Write a song
6. Create a piano accompaniment to go along with the song I write
7. Write at least 5 poems
8. Post on this blog at least 7 times (this does not count!)
9. Take at least 10 photos on each vacation and trip
10. Take a photo of myself each day without makeup
11. At the end of summer, upload the self-taken photos into a montage, dates included (just to see change over time)
12. Read at least 6 books for fun
13. Finish Persepolis (high school reading requirement)
14. Finish reading requirement questions
15. Finish Persepolis book report
16. Take a virtual class
17. Tack on at least 10 volunteer/community service hours
18. Do Zumba Wii at least once a week while at home (so much fun, and a great workout)
19. Practice volleyball with the other chicks trying out next year
20. Practice dance with friends who are actually good at it
21. Come up with my own dance routine
22. Save up and buy a laptop
23. Write thank-you note to Grandma and Grandpa for the movie passes, recycled-juice box handbag (which I adore), and check towards laptop
24. Send random e-cards to parents every week
25. Go one week without cell-phone games (embarrassing to admit, but I'm highly addicted to them)
26. Go to a concert with friends
27. Throw a party
28. Smile and wave at a random stranger :)
29. Put post-it notes with inspirational quotes on them in at least 3 different public bathroom facilities
30. Keep finger and toe nails clean and painted at all times
31. Go one week without picking my skin ANYWHERE (for those who don't know, I have a horrible problem with picking me skin, and I am desperate to stop before it starts to permanently scar)
32. Wear retainer for at least 2 weeks straight (I always forget, and I can't let my teeth shift too much, or else it's back to braces I go 8/)
33. Sell iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, and DS games (they've been sitting unused in a corner of my room for quite some time now, and I'm pretty sure someone could find a use for them at the next community garage sale)
34. Upload at least 3 videos to YouTube (I love to rant, and if you lien you can visit my channel, OnMyWayToWherever)
35. Add at least one charm to Pandora bracelet
36. Walk the dog at least 3 times a week while at home
37. Stretch at least 3 times a week
38. Get into a full split on both legs (almost there!)
39. Learn to do a proper messy bun (feel free to call me stupid, I know this is a very simple task for those of you average humans)
40. Hang out with at least 2 different friends each week (determined not to stay holed up in my room this summer)
41. Learn to cook at least 4 different dishes (I am fairly self sufficient in every way except for cooking. That I have no experience with whatsoever)
42. Cook a full meal on my own for my family once a month

And there you have it, folks. Wish me luck!

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