All My Pics

Monday, April 30, 2012

I was restless.
Tossing, turning, and writhing
Under my fleecy teal quilt.
I was too hot, too cold,
Too fidgety to find peace.
Whatever attempts I made
At grasping this evasive
Thing called sleep
All proved futile.
As long as worry
Was my opponent in battle
I doubted I should ever prevail.
I felt trapped in this empty room.
The empty drawers
Of my empty dresser
Moaned for old memories
To fill their voids.
This old, blank mirror
Reflected my blank expression
- or, so it seemed blank.
There was so much more
Going on behind these bars
These bars I erected
To hide others from
My reality.
This mirror reflected
Only the mask
Of what I pretend to be.
But, it's known me long enough
To know that this is my disguise.
As it has wizened
Along with me
And the reflection feels as I do.
My eyes and mind
Wander aimlessly around
For a little while longer.
That's when I turn
And take notice to the shutters.
Iridescent moonlight
Trying to pass through -
But blocked by
The dark silhouettes of the blinds.
And after much thought,
I realize that
These squeaky wooden shutters
Reflect my image
No more, no less
That does that old, dusty mirror
I've looked into so many times.
And this is what they both show:
A mask, a disguise
A cover of some sort
Designed to conceal
What lies behind.
But somewhere, somewhere deeper
If you look closely enough
One can see the truth
Peeking out, here and there,
In any available gap.
Just then, a fist -
Could it have been my own? -
Is pumped forward
By an untamed power
Of release
Of freedom
Of madness.
Chunks of sharp, broken glass
Are crushed smaller and smaller
Until I have obscured any view
To the reflection they once showed.
I whipped around to face the shutters
Tore off the latch
And ripped them open
With a violent yank.
The doors flew open with a clash.
I stood there for a moment,
Allowing myself to be exposed
To the unconcealed light
The uncovered power
The fully revealed truth.
Magnetizing, it was.
It kept pulling, pulling
Pulling me in.
With one swift shove,
I threw up the sash
Extended my arms
And took to the open night sky.

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