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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Florida's new divorce laws: more hell for me

So, recently, state courts changed the divorce laws here so that they now do not entitle the main caregiver to nearly as much child support as previously. My parents are about to separate, and it's getting ugly. Since my father refuses to let go of his unnessecary grudge toward my mother, who did nothing, he refuses to give any more child support than is required by the law. He has some stupid paranoia that my mother is going to use that money for her own benefit. What a typical male - understands nothing of how selfless a mother becomes when it comes down to the well being of her children. Basically, this leaves him free as a bird to spend his $200,000 annual salary on whatever he pleases, on his own, while my mother, sister and I are left on nothing but child support - pretty much equivilent to miminum wage of a zoo technician. Not to mention she is out of work, and will be for some time until she gets the required education to begin her teaching career (and that job doesn't offer much financial support either). And, of course, all this crap had to spring up around Christmas time - way to go, Dad. I love him as my father, but I look with scorn upon him as my mother's husband.

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