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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trying to catch up after a long blogging withdrawal

Good Lord, it has been a while now, hasn't it? SO sorry for not posting - I was unbelievably busy trying to cram for exams, especially knowing that I actually had to take them much earlier than the other students (I had to do them early because I would be missing them to go to Mackinac Island, Michigan with my best friend - unfortunately for the exams, their presence will not be missed). But I won't bore you with all the details of that - now that I'm back into the posting routine I've got so much to say! It's really overwhelming, but to get this over with I'll start at square one...

So, I hadn't made any plans for my birthday yet this year, even though it was exactly 4 months ago yesterday. I had debated with myself on whether to round up lots of people to do something casual and unstructured, or take a few friends for a weekend at the beach. Little did I know that behind my back my best friend (the same one I will be going to Mackinac Island with - we'll call her "M") and my mother were scheming... for a weekend later she invited me to her house just to "hang out". When I arrive there's food set out on the counter and a funky tablecloth dressing the table, and I'm just starting to get the slightest idea of what might be going on when... SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! Seven of my very good friends - A1, A2, A3, C, E, R, and T - pop out from behind the couch, table and kitchen counters (one knocks over a 2-liter soda bottle in the process) with their arms held high and wide, and big, goofy grins  spread across their faces. Maybe a cliche thing to do, but nonetheless, it was undoubtedly the best birthday I've ever had. Being silly, I pretended to cry with happiness, but inside I think I really was. And the whole thing was out of the kindness of M's heart. I really was not expecting that. That party was the best gift that could ever have been given to me. So I did my doofus-like things, being the ultimate dancing (if that's even what you call the movements I was making) super-freak. I think all the smiling I did that day gave me the laugh-lines (crow's feet, if you'd prefer to be cynical) and parentheses of a 60-year-old (not intending to offend anyone out there reading this who is close to 60+ years of age!).

Oh, hmm... what else? Can't think of anything but I know something happened... well I guess I didn't have as much to say as I thought I did (lucky for all you readers!) but I suppose I'll briefly summarize my last day of school, which was, in fact, today. Without the trip I would be at school until my last day on June 2nd, but due to the vacation I'll be missing everything past today. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about this, because I've always liked the atmosphere that surrounds the school on our final day before summer break - constant hugs and goodbyes and "call me"s. But I hardly had to think about it - it wasn't a big deal. Plus, if I was going to have my last day before everyone else, think about all the exclusive attention I'd get! I know that sounds haughty, but I know there are countless others in this world that love to be the center of attention as well! Anyway, it was a good last day - plenty of yearbook signatures and phone numbers and hugs goodbye. I think I would have given a few more hugs if I wasn't sick as a dog right now.

Anyhoo, I'm all packed and ready to leave for Mackinac Island! No cars, no crime, perfect weather, gorgeous scenery... couldn't get any better. Oh, one thing that maybe probably will come as a shock to you is that we're driving - from central Florida to northern Michigan - the whole way, in an RV. Thank the Lord - we'll have WiFi. 'Till next time folks!



  1. awh lucky you are on summer vacay :) i still doing exams :( ah well good to have you back blogging you have been missed :L

  2. Well, finally there is somthing about me in this blog of yours! Loljk! I miss you and love you! Not that you dont already know that....... Well I hope you have a great 4th of July!!!

    Enjoy the fireworks,
    Molly a.k.a Your bestie!


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