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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yeah, one of THOSE days.

Ugh. I really hate feeling fat. It just plain sucks ass. Honestly, I might even fear the feeling nearly as much as I fear actually getting fat. Either way, I still feel like shit. Pardon me, I'm venting. I've been comparing with my sister a lot lately, and how I'm the one who always wants ice cream and not her, and how I'm not running around constantly (or have the desire to), and she is (does). I flipped out at dinner because she just doesn't eat anything. Makes an excuse all the time - "This is too hard to chew!", "I don't like it!", "It doesn't taste like it did at the other restaurant!". And don't be fooled by these - trust me, she's old enough to know better, plus the fact that she has never been a particularly picky eater. Plus, I was all nervous and hyperventilating over not having enough vegetables today. It all sounds ridiculous to you, but to me, I still shudder at the thought.

Everything's been going haywire.

This talent show thing that my friends and I were entered in - someone backed out, we can't find anyone else to take their place, and the event is 3 days away, not to mention that we haven't made outfits yet and we have absolutely no clue who is going to take our dropout's place. Plus I was dragged into doing some duet with my friend to a Shakira song I haven't even heard. Sigh.

Sooooooo much work - would you like some sleep with your life of homework and nothing but? I guess, for me, the answer to that is no. Them tired ol' bags are beginning to creep up and darken below my eyes once more. I don't know how to prioritize it all - it's so much! I know that's what happens before standardized testing and all, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant! Well, at least I finally found a friend who actually understands where I'm coming from. It seems that all others are bored because they have nothing to do - homework for them is finished, and they're not C- slackers. How in the world do they do that?

After such a negative post, I suppose I should count my blessings.
  • True, good friends who genuinely care for me
  • Supportive, loving, and humorous family
  • Everything I really need at my fingertips
  • Opportunity to become well-educated, in spite of the work
  • Really, I kind of do have the freedom to do what I want within reason, set for my own good
  • A lazy dog to laugh at and confess my problems to
  • A roof over my head sounds cliche, but it still counts
  • Goals in mind, and the resources to achieve them
  • So many choices that others do not have, many of which come from being an American
  • Extended family willing to come down, visit, and spend time with us because they enjoy it, not because they feel obligated to
  • Savings! My own bank account!
  • Savvy parents who are wise spenders
  • A super cute pain-in-the-neck lil' sis
  • A strange and original awesome and coherent and smart brother who DOES NOT smoke and DOES NOT drink excessively
  • Entertaining things to fill my time
And that will be all for now!

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  1. hate those fat days too! how come the whole world seems to be to skinny bt check my new post beauty maybe it will give you a bit of a kick .. if not i tried :)
    dont worry abouth the talent show have fun that's all you can do have a laugh and add it to your list of good memories :L
    i love the idea of making lists if all the good things in your life next time im down i so doing that :)


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