All My Pics

Friday, April 15, 2011


I find myself swept up
in a strange allure
in which I cannot control myself.
OH, so hard to explain -
if only you could swim
through the depths of my eyes
and see what I have seen.

It all started as a simple night
in which no one
no one at all
was truly alive.
Just my dog
and I.

And a simple night's delight indeed
Rephrase, too weak a word:
this wondrous fascination
that I have found
in the dark of dusk
is to be comprehensible
by me and me only.
And the dog.

I know the moon
can't glow on it's own
but if there ever was a time
that it had the force within
its craters and dusty surface
somewhere deep beneath
the rugged barrenness
to burst through to the outside universe
that would be tonight.

Lying on my back
nothing surrounds me.
Just the stars
the (my) moon
and my dog.

It's almost as if
I'm pulling myself into
this Eden of the night.
And suddenly
the ground beneath me
has evaded physical presence.

As for me -
well, you could say I'm gone as well.
gravitating toward the sky
levitating into the heavens;
caution: do not disturb.


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