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Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Ask. Really.

Potential. Quite a boring word for all the things it can mean. Everything possesses it in one way or another. Except for my stupid dog.

Do you think I should have put black bars over her eyes to protect her identity?
Nah. They'd just blend in.
That's it for now.


  1. not in a rude way.... but what was the point of this LOL and hows ur dog stupid?? haha she looks cute :D

  2. no point really. hence the title lol. but she is stupid. I tried to pick some photos that could easily show what a dufus she is.You really just have to spend like an hour with her in person (or maybe the correct way to state that would be "in dog" since she's not a person). Anyway, it's hard to tell lol. and she is adorable, she's just neurotic and weird. sigh XD

  3. hahahha well weird animals are fun :D

  4. Your dog is a cutie! And you know, I think they love being stars on the internet! I know mine do!

  5. Ha. Maybe. I almost included her name as a "cast member" in my slide show up on the earlier posts.


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